Snuggies Are Over; Meet The Rainbro

RAINBRO.NAP_1024x1024Photo: Courtesy of Poler.
Are you ready to take your personal comfort accessories to the extreme? Lucky for you, the Rainbro Napsack now exists. So much more than a wearable sleeping bag (which, wouldn't that be enough?), it's a puffy, plush hideaway that even has a secret pocket for your phone — and a print that doesn't quit. It's a portable cocoon and the answer to any napping emergencies. Catch a couple winks when your date is running late, or zip into impromptu room accommodations after you miss the last bus home. The latest version from camping brand Poler, this sleeping/living suit just wants to make your day a lot less uncomfortable.
Think back to last winter. Now, imagine actually being able to leave your apartment during that five-month cold stretch, because you're zipped into a sleeping bag with leg holes and pockets. The icy trek is no longer insurmountable. Are you planning to wait outside the Apple store all night for the iPhone 6 launch? Well, that'll just be a totally Zen 10 hours. And, if nothing else, this is the perfect accoutrement for the next time you plan on climbing a tree to contemplate life's big questions.

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