This Is What Adult Hogwarts Looks Like

Like Harry Potter himself, Pottercon NYC had humble beginnings. Last year, 10 or so young muggles descended on a Brooklyn bar to talk about Harry Potter and yell things like “Accio another shot!” and “Expecto Patron tequila!”
But, much like a magical spider abandoned in the forest, it grew. Last Saturday, at the Bell House in Brooklyn, Potterheads hopped astride broomsticks... and then walked awkwardly onto the subway to a remote corner of Brooklyn for Pottercon 2014. The event kicked off with a Sorting Ceremony, involved lots of hats and capes, and peaked when one young couple got engaged.
Organizer Margaret Kaminski described the event’s appeal. “PotterCon is an opportunity for grown-up muggles to come together pay homage to the series that made us who we are in ways that we may not even realize. And, you know, get shitfaced with a bunch of like-minded people dressed up and carrying wands.”

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