Guardians of the Galaxy Draws Record-Breaking Female Audience

guardians-embed22Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios.
Think Marvel superhero flicks are just for the guys? Wrong. While it's true that men usually make up the vast majority of the megacorp's moviegoers, the times seem to be a changing. Enter Marvel's latest movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.
According to exit polling, women made up 44% of the audience on opening weekend — a record-breaking number for Marvel Studios films. The Avengers, which brought in a 40% female audience, holds the second-highest percentage. Sure, Guardians doesn't lead by a whopping margin, but we're hopeful it's indicative of an upward trend. And, perhaps it means movie studio executives will finally start realizing the power of the female ticket-holder. (Meanwhile, the stats for female on-screen representation are still grim, to say the least.) Only time will tell. (Box Office Mojo)