Kerry Bishé’s Crushing Stereotypes

Hollywood asks a very tough question of its actresses: What type of girl are you? And, often it seems your first answer can dictate your entire career. Playing the romantic interest can mean a life of rom-com gigs. How many times can you play the quirky best friend before landing a dramatic role? Kerry Bishé is having none of this — as evidenced by her various roles in Scrubs, Argo, and now Halt & Catch Fire. “I’m the kind of girl that likes to think of myself as a person before I like to think of myself as a girl.”
It's this attitude that's allowed her to carve out a special space in the industry. As Donna in AMC's new hit show, Bishé highlights how women can play a science and tech character without ending up just another "his girl Friday." Ahead, get acquainted with the woman behind one of the most important roles on television.