Kristen Bell & Mary Poppins Just Want Minimum Wage

Kristen Bell's never been one to shy away from activism. She and Dax Shepard are very vocal in their campaign to protect children from paparazzi. And, in her latest Funny Or Die video, Veronica Mars tackles federal minimum wage. Bell plays Mary Poppins — a nanny who's simply fed up with how little she really gets paid. You know, after taxes, social security, and whatever that FICA guy gets, Ms. Poppins is left with very little. So, she's quitting.
In a campaign to increase minimum wage to $10.10, Bell waxes poetic about how just a $3 increase would change her life. Poppins may have the bottomless carpetbag of wonders, but she certainly doesn't have a bottomless wallet. Check out the clip to see Bell tackle this timely topic. Living off $7 per hour is, as the actress sings, supercalafragalisticexpiala-bullshit. (Funny Or Die)