Watch: Baby Otters Take Prospect Park By (Cute) Storm

Next time you're taking a stroll through sunny Prospect Park, stop by and say hello to this trio of North American river otters. They'll probably be swimming joyfully, or rolling around while looking adorable.
The 5-month-old Brooklyn natives have recently made their zoo debut in Prospect Park, where they'll help educate their city neighbors on the importance of clean water and healthy ecosystems. So, why not go visit them on the discovery trail (also known as the warmest and fuzziest path to your heart)?
The triplets have been getting plenty of attention since their arrival, and it's not hard to understand why. They make wet whiskers adorable, and flopping around in the mud look fun. (In this summer heat, you may even be tempted to join them.) So, cut ties with your AC for an afternoon this weekend and visit the pups. If you can't fathom separating from your indoor air, maybe just watch this video full of cute, instead.