Chanel’s New Eyeshadows Are Mesmerizing

In the middle of July, there are only a handful of things that could actually get our engines revving for fall: bringing our moody lipstick shades out of hibernation, not melting into a pool of goo when drinking a hot coffee, and Chanel's brand-new addition to their Quadra line. Fans of makeup already herald these black-lacquer boxes as the mother of all shadow palettes, but this fall, the pros over at Chanel have come up with something extra special — a reimagining of the Quadra we've come to know and love, dubbed Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow.
But, what sets it apart from the cult-favorite Quadras? These babies are "multi-effect," which means they all work together to create the ultimate, multidimensional eye look. Eight palettes make up the brand's new collection, and each one of them focuses on heavily pigmented, slightly shimmering hues. Tucked inside every compact is a quad of shadows that complement each other. Tissé Cambon, for example, is a series of roses. Starting off with a powder-pink shade, the colors slowly become deeper, with a dark, almost-purple rose hue rounding them out. Use them together, and you create a magically contoured and shaded look so good, it'll look like it was pulled off by a pro.
Each quad is a lesson in color theory — and self-restraint. It's going to be hard not to snap up each and every one of these. The collection is available online now. If you're just looking to browse, take a flip through each quad, and get acquainted with your new favorite shadow for fall. Just try not to drool all over your keyboard...

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