Tinder Headshots (Or, The End Of The Bathroom-Mirror Selfie)

iphone5Photo: Courtesy of Tinder.
Tinder is primarily a dating app. Its secondary function, though, is as an album of pictures we'll one day be embarrassed to show our children. Pics with tigers, selfies in bathroom mirrors, and extreme sports we did once are all featured in the photo book that is the swipe-right invention. How did we, as a society, get here? It doesn't matter. All that matters is that we must deal with it. Enter: Tinder Headshots.

The new NYC service promises to amplify your profile so that you don't need to dabble in these Tinder faux pas. In its Craigslist ad, Tinder Headshots explains why you need its help.
"You're doing your pimp game no favors with your out of focus selfies in the bathroom," reads the post. (See? You may not have even been aware you had a pimp game.) It goes on: "Selfies make you look like you don't have any friends. Even if you don't, that's on a need to know basis." Sick burn, bro.

The service's most striking message is in its claim to have cracked the code of the dating app: "The key to success on Tinder is using a picture that speaks to your strengths and irresistible charm better than the most highly trained wingman. That's how you'll find Mrs. Right, or Mrs. Swipe Right." And, who doesn't want to be someone's Mrs. Swipe Right?
Though the Craigslist announcement claims it's $50 per headshot, the site itself advertises for $75 (three for $150). Tinder Headshots really just wants "to help you get the most out of Tinder by taking photos of you that show your true self, or a slightly better looking version." (Daily Dot)