You Will Probably Fail This Quiz For Preschoolers

2Photo: Courtesy of Bright Kids NYC.
At four years old, a human is considered brilliant if she/he can successfully color within the lines. If you can pass the newest test from Bright Kids NYC, though, you're considered exceptional. And, coming from an adult who answered just one question on said test correctly, I'm inclined to agree.
ERB, an educational services company, has created the Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners (AABL) exam. The test is taken on an iPad, and it's designed to assess the math and literacy skills of kindergarten candidates. It's also designed to make adults feel very dumb.
The Independent Schools Admission Association of Greater New York no longer requires private schools to use an IQ test for admission. In fact, schools can choose not to use any admission test at all. But, where's the fun in that? So, some institutions — including Horace Mann and Riverdale — have opted for the AABL instead of the traditional (and expensive) IQ test.
A representative for Horace Mann told DNAinfo the test is essential, since it's not subjective the way an IQ test would be. "It is the only piece of the application that is consistent and objective for our applicants, who come from many schools and many different backgrounds and include children who do not come to us from formalized preschool settings." It's also the only piece of the application parents can't complete for their children.

Registration for the test opens September 15, with testing beginning October 15.
Take the quiz here. Warning: You may want to follow up this quiz by doing something you're very good at, as to avoid emotional scarring. (DNAinfo)