The Winner Of Brooklyn's Smallest Penis Pageant Is In It For The Romance

Photo: Courtesy of Rajeev Gupta.
Lest you make the mistake of thinking that the winner of this year’s Brooklyn’s Smallest Penis Pageant actually has the smallest penis in Brooklyn, Rajeev Gupta would like to clear something up. “The name of the contest was kind of a misnomer,” says Gupta. “I think it was more of a personality contest.” If the annual event had ranked contestants based on size alone, Rajeev would have lost (he assures us). But, thanks to the contest's interview and talent portions, he charmed judges and crowd alike and walked away the victor of the tongue-in-cheek pageant. We spoke with Rajeev about his favorite thing to do in bed, how dating cultures in the U.S. and India differ, and why size doesn’t matter when it comes to love.

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