Calling All Sneakerheads: Get Ready To Obsess

Sneakers give just about any outfit a healthy dose of casual cool. And, it’s not hard to see why we're such fans: they’re comfortable, collectible, and they can make great conversation pieces — especially when you don't have to talk about how much your feet are killing you.
If you’re on the market for new kicks to send your sky-high heels packing, New Balance would like to help a lady out. Its new Women’s Elite Edition 580 is a modern classic that comes in three different color schemes to suit your feet's every mood. And, in case you’re unsure how to style ‘em, the brands asked for the help of three lady sneakerheads who would prefer a rubber sole over a stiletto-heeled one any day.
Ericka Gilbert (@DamnnEricka), Brittany Sklar (@Britta_Ruth920), and Ivelisse Cassas (@Soledevida) are not only three very different, very cool sneaker lovers, they're also each something of an Instagram superstar, using the social media platform to document their obsession with all things lace-up. In fact, with each of these ladies sporting the bright, multi-colored shoes in their own unique way — Cassas a bit more classic and casual, and Sklar coordinating with feminine dresses, flower crowns, and a violin (she plays for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra) — this New Balance campaign is a real testament to the power of a great pair of kicks. They're statement-making, versatile, fun, and totally worthy of an obsession. Or, at the very least, several Instagram double taps.