Jennifer Lawrence’s Email Address Is Very Jennifer Lawrence

Watching Jennifer Lawrence dominate Hollywood is kind of like getting pranked over and over again. You want a timeless red-carpet pic? She's giving you this face instead. Oh, SJP's getting photographed at the Met Gala in her stunning, avante-garde-yet-consistent-with-the-theme gown? Photobomb opp!
You want J Lawr's email? Well, the word "butt" definitely appears in the actress' address — at least, according to Lorde. Our predictions include,, and perhaps Kiwi singer recently tweeted the following conversation:
If her new email address contains the word "butt," what did her old one contain? It doesn't matter, because this was the final piece of evidence we needed to field the hypothesis that Jennifer is, in fact, our little brother in disguise. We can almost see her high-fiving Josh Hutcherson before they chug a Keystone Ice. And that, my friends, is why we all love her. (Cosmo)