11 Men Who Are Very Good At Soccer

Photo: Joe Toth/REX USA.
If you plan on spending the coming days watching the World Cup, it's because you really like football soccer. Or, it's because you feel a blind loyalty to your country's team. Or, it's because 90% of the guys running around are really freakin' hot. Maybe it's even a combination of all three. You see, normally we wouldn't write about a sport just because of the gorgeous people in it. But, soccer is quite a sexy sport. Unlike Christmas, the World Cup is a holiday that comes just every four years. But, it's better than Christmas because it's a showcase of international sauce pots.
Normally, we'd be very uncomfortable with this type of objectification. But, this is one of the biggest athletic events in the world, and if you're watching it for more than 23 seconds, and you are a human who's interested in men, you can't ignore the beauty on the field. Sure, we get caught up in the compelling story lines behind this year's Cup. But, we also get caught up in the babes. What? Are you dead inside?
To celebrate such a heavenly gathering, we're paying homage by compiling a concise list of soccer studs. This was thoroughly researched and heavily debated. But, we got there in the end. Ahead, 10 men who are very good at soccer, but even better at being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

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