Kittens Plead For Adoption In Khaleesi & Frodo Costumes

Do you need a cat? Maybe not. Do you need a cat who comes decked out in costumes inspired by Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who? Absolutely.
Photographer Wendy McKee of Cleveland, TX, has devised a clever and crafty plan to help place adorable kittens in loving homes: Make them look like they're headed to Comic-Con. McKee, who offers her home as a safe haven for cats, has constructed tiny costumes guaranteed to pull at the heartstrings of sci-fi/fantasy fans.
There's sweet Princess Leia with miniature buns. There's Frodo and a blind, beard-wearing Gandalf. And, there's Khaleesi and Jon Snow, who probably only draw blood if you put them in the bath or refuse to let them sleep on your head every night.
Click through to see the dolled-up dears who are available for adoption. BYO dragon squeaky toy.
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Photo: Wendy McKee/Rex Usa.
The prettiest little Princess Leia you ever did see.
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Photo: Wendy McKee/Rex Usa.
This blonde beauty was born to be Khaleesi.
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Photo: Wendy McKee/Rex Usa.
Warning: This Jon Snow look-alike comes armed. Don't even think about bath time.

[Editor's note: This kitten was born without eyes. He technically should be dressed up as Maester Aemon, but, hey, we'll let it slide.]
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Photo: Wendy McKee/Rex Usa.
Meet blind Gandalf, a.k.a. the best thing to happen to Lord of the Rings since Ian McKellen.
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Photo: Wendy McKee/Rex Usa.
Frodo and his precious ring. Sam sold separately.

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