This Craigslist Ad Is The Most Beautiful & Bro Thing, Ever

2Photo: REX USA/ Image Source.

Are you looking for a summer job? Are you also a total bro? Well, you can stop your search, because some guy in Tribeca wants to hire you to be the beer-coozie using, high-fiving, excessive-hashtagging unicorn you already are. A man posted an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to break in his brand-new Rainbow flip-flops. And, he needs them broken in "like yesterday." It's a simple job, really, and one that would come naturally to a gentleman of your description.
All the poster asks is you abide by some simple rules.

First, you should adopt his gait, as to avoid miscellaneous toe markings. "Think McConaughey meets the guy you wish you were who walks out of Citi Bank HQ on a casual Friday," he writes. You should also go places he would go, as to familiarize the flip-flops with their new terrain. He recommends Tiny's and the Frying Pan — and don't even think about bringing them to Brooklyn.
To apply, simply send references of other footwear you've worn. Though not specified, it also appears you'll be expected to double up on polo shirts. "Payment negotiable, but you need to be able to accept a credit card cause I want Starwood points for my Amex. Out."
Can somebody find out who this guy is? Because if this posting is a joke, I'm pretty sure I'm in love. (Craigslist)