Obama May Move To NYC After Presidency

2Photo: Courtesy of Whitehouse.gov.
President Obama will be at The White House for another two years. But, it looks like he may move to NYC after his term is over; he told Politico he missed being out on the streets of the Big Apple. Apparently, after a recent trip to our fair city, he was still talking about it for weeks. "What he cherishes and misses is the serendipity — you don't know who you're going to bump into or what they're going to say," says senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, telling New York Magazine Obama "hungers" for that kind of spontaneity.
Of course, the President is no stranger to New York. He attended Columbia, after all. We New Yorkers have gotten used to the traffic jams whenever he pays us a visit. He's shopped at the Gap in Midtown. And, he knows there ain't no party like a Shake Shack party (as pictured above). We have a feeling Obama's going to fit right in. (NY Mag)