This “Talking” T-Shirt Could Be Your New Fitness Coach

335Bundle_4Photo: Courtesy of OMsignal.
In the market for fitness attire that really speaks to you? (No, your ratty, sorority-pledge-week tee doesn't count.) The Huffington Post has the details on the OMsignal "smart shirt," part of the Canadian company's Biometric Smartwear line. The garment uses tracking sensors in its fabric to send a readout of heart rate, calories burned, and stress levels to the wearer's phone.
Both the bio-sensing shirt and the necessary data module are available for pre-order on OMsignal's website; men's shirts launch this summer, and women's will debut by the end of the year. The Up & Running Kit, which includes one T-shirt and the module, will set you back $199. It's a bit pricier than those trendy, fitness-tracking bracelets, but certainly less noticeable, in case you're worried about damaging your blasé-about-working-out image.
The "talking" shirts are machine-washable, so a trip to the laundromat is all it takes to shut 'em up. Click through to read more about the latest in wearable technology. (The Huffington Post)

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