The Pale, Matte Lipstick Of Your Dreams Is Here

Liquid lipstick holds a special place in our hearts for its supernatural ability to create bold color statements that last through meals — and kissing. We've also discussed at length our passion for this season's pastel lip hues. So, what happens when our favorite formula meets our favorite color category of the moment? Pure, unbridled, beauty-nerd joy. And, thanks to Illamasqua's new summer liquid lipsticks, that's exactly what we're feeling.
In a pale peach, light orange, and warm baby pink, the colors are ideal for hot sunny days or balmy nights. They definitely have a '60s vibe to them, which we're into. Add some spidery lashes and a striped shirt, and it's retro perfection. Plus, the ultra-matte formula is a great way to balance out our skin's natural summertime dewiness. Just make sure to exfoliate your lips beforehand, as the formula will make any chapped or flaking skin more noticeable.
Click through to see the three new liquid lipsticks, and let us know if you'll be partaking in our pastel party.