Liquid Lipstick: The Future?

Every time we get our hands on a new liquid lipstick, it rockets to the top of our favorite-product list. It all started with Sephora's Cream Lip Stain, which opened our eyes to the magic that's possible with a simple change in formula. It has the consistency of a gloss with the staying power of a stain and the opacity of a lipstick, and works so well that we have often wondered (out loud, to each other) why all lipsticks aren't liquid.
It's also more moisturizing than its solid predecessor, and you can pile on the layers without changing the darkness of the color. Plus, since they come with a built-in brush, it couldn't be easier to apply. There's literally nothing not to like in this situation.
It used to be that finding a liquid lippie was rare. Suddenly, though, we found ourselves absolutely inundated with these little makeup unicorns — which led us to believe that liquid lipstick is indeed the way of the future. Our theory was solidified this week when Lipstick Queen's brand new liquid lipsticks appeared on our desks. Unsurprisingly, Poppy King's interpretation of this formula is drop-dead fabulous.
Click through for the liquid lipsticks currently rocking our world.

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