Jimmy Fallon & Terry Crews Lip Sync Shirtless, Naturally

embedPhoto: REX USA/Erik Pendzich.
At this time yesterday, nip syncing didn't exist. Or, if it did, it was relegated to private time in front of a mirror. On his show last night, however, Jimmy Fallon brought this secret art form to light. And, who better to join him than Terry Crews of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?
Nip syncing is so much more than simply raising your pectorals as if independent from your body. In fact, without the proper song choice and copious amounts of oil, it's really just a muscle exercise. Only when you combine these three elements do you create the perfect storm for the nip sync. In this case, Crews and Fallon chose "Ebony and Ivory" and a body garnish of what appears to be 37 bottles of baby oil. And, as usual, Fallon's having trouble stifling his laughter at how ridiculous the entire situation becomes. Sure, the late-night host's greased-up bod is a generous green-screen version, but Crews' chiseled physique is 100% real. Click ahead for a clip guaranteed to make you simultaneously uncomfortable and fascinated.