7 Clitoris Facts You Need To Know

Dwight Schrute once famously asked a burning question on The Office: "Where is the clitoris?" While you probably know the location of yours or your partner's, you may be unfamiliar with some other important information about the vagina's favorite neighbor.
Thankfully, the genital geniuses over at Women's Health put together a list of seven need-to-know facts about the clitoris. For example, did you know it has more nerve endings than anywhere else in the body? A whopping 8,000 to be exact. Perhaps that's because it's also the only body part (male or female) designed purely for pleasure. It has no other purpose to serve — and that's just fine.
Another interesting clit tidbit is that the distance between the clitoris and vagina can affect orgasm quality. The further away they are, the further away the orgasm — know what I mean? (There's not really a way to measure this accurately at home, so go ahead and put down that ruler.)
Check out the rest of the clitoris facts here. Your (sex) life may depend on it. (Women's Health)

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