Grace Coddington Joins Instagram With A Nude Selfie (Kinda)

emPhoto: Via Instagram.
Grace Coddington just joined instagram and her first post isn't what you might expect from the Vogue creative director. Instead of a glamour shot, or accessories in the back of a cab, or a pic of orchids in a vase on her desk, Coddington opted for a — well, she opted for a nude. Now, the nude is just a sketch, but, it's a nude nonetheless.
The self-portrait was posted as part of an announcement for her involvement in art auction house Paddle 8, where Coddington is currently curating an auction full of nudes called "No Clothes" (duh!). On said site, she is quoted as saying, "Every picture starts off naked. The model is naked, the hair is undone, the set is naked — and this is the starting point of the creative process.” Meta moment: This picture is the start of her creative process on Instagram in more ways than one. We say: Way to enter with a bang. And also, where'd you get those cartoon sunnies and heels?

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