What Exactly Is A “Paid Hollywood Friend”?

Hollywood_slidePhoto: Cultura/REX USA.
At first, it all sounds very Devil Wears Prada — the outlandish, sometimes humiliating tasks, the 200-miles-away errands, and the impossible expectations. But, as an anonymous xoJane writer is quick to point out, she's not merely an assistant. In Hollywood, there are assistants, there are friends, and in between, apparently, are paid friends. "To be a paid friend," she wrote, "you are constantly toggling back and forth between being an employee and being a friend."
The writer — "a Midwestern girl who only recently graduated college" — spilled everything about her job for xoJane's "It Happened To Me" series. So, what's it like having a "major celebrity" as your boss? Well, the highs are high and the lows are low. When she's not sleeping in her boss' garage or waxing her car, she's getting drunk with her and getting transported to insane parties via helicopter. Click here to read the rest of her story — and the lessons she's learned along the way.
So, who could this mysterious celebrity boss be? Go ahead, hash it out in the comments. (xoJane)