Mom Raps: A Tribute

There were plenty of cool moms before Amy Poehler played Mrs. George in Mean Girls. They may not have worn velour jumpsuits or made us mocktails, but what they lacked in pink coordinates they made up for in things like strange text messages. The truth is we love our moms because they're all kind of weird. And, there's may be no better way to illustrate that than the slew of mom raps available on YouTube. We've compiled the best clips to show you exactly what we're talking about, from mothers spitting rhymes about diaper duty to a pair who renamed their car the Swagger Wagon. Ahead, eight anthems from hip (hop) moms.

No, this isn't an early Karmin video. But, this couple's just as cool.
This is a U.K. ad for Fiat. But, it's also an epic rap. She's "more g than your average mother," and we like it.

One word: Auto-tune.

In which you realize you know nothing about the nuances of Vick's VaporRub, or the art of the "momma face."

Minivans are no longer the stuff of soccer moms. Now, they are swagger wagons.

There was a golden age of errand running, in which you were young enough not to be missing plans with friends, but old enough to appreciate the magazines at the hair salon.

Quite possibly the coolest parents of all time.
"I pity the fool who doesn't treat his mother right!" (not an actual quote).

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