10 Texts Prove Moms Say The Funniest Sh*t

Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
Oh, moms — they say the darndest things. And, like the children they produce, mothers have varying degrees of technological savvy. Some are true emoticon jockeys, while others cannot — for the life of them — figure out autocorrect. Fortunately, hilarity ensues across the entire text-message-capable spectrum. For Mother's Day, we wanted to share how much our moms make us laugh — at them, but with them, too.
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Lauren Le Vine, Freelance Writer
These are the important questions.
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Rachel Shaktin, Front-End Engineer
The oft unmentioned Freudian phase: licking. (Wait, that's "oral," right?)
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Leeann Duggan, Style Features Editor
Dear Leeann: Folic Acid. Love, Mom.
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Vanessa Golembewski, Associate News & Entertainment Editor
We hope this exchange went on forever.
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Natalie Fine, Associate PM/Producer
But, Natalie...are you?
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Hayden Manders, Assistant Entertainment Editor
There's nothing stronger than the bond between a mother and son who pray to Besus together.
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Samantha Sutton, Staff Writer
So annnnyway, how is your day?
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Leila Brillson, Entertainment Director
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Rachel Besser, Fashion Assistant
We are hoping Jacqueline is at least over 40...?

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