Pain Might Be Ruining Your Sex Life

BodyEmotions1_AustinWatts_slide (1)Illustrated by Austin Watts.
When we're in the mood for love, wild horses couldn't deter us from our mission. So, what can deter us? Pain. According to a study in the Journal of Neuroscience, inflammatory pain can lower the female sex drive.
Researches from McGill University found that pain prevented female mice from pursuing sex with male mice. The achy females spent less time near the males, while the males in pain didn't let it stop them from looking for sex. But, when given pain relievers or libido-enhancing drugs, the females were again ready for action.
From an evolutionary standpoint, this study could suggest males are engineered to procreate regardless of conditions, say the researchers. A female, meanwhile, may see pain as a warning sign that she’s not quite pregnancy-ready. We wonder: Do these findings fit with human sexual behavior, too? (Women's Health)