This Shoe Looks Like A Computer Glitch

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The shoes at left might make you think your browser is going glitchy on you. But, don't worry, there is not a trip to the Genius Bar in your future. These are simply the latest entry in the annals of insane fashion shoes. These are even weirder than Franken-Tevas and knee-high Nikes. Or, if not weirder, at least more disorienting.
They're a bit like Nicolas Ghesquière's notorious Lego heels from fall 2008, and even more like the ones from fall 2010, and they look like they could be snapped apart and put back together with a few satisfying clicks. Between the high-stacked, collapsing Jenga tower of a heel and the platform that cantilevers sharply forward in thick black and yellow stripes, it's definitely its own beast. Namely, a particularly dangerous, robot-bee — which, for the sake of our summer plans, we sincerely hope is not a thing.
We'd say that after these, the crazy-shoe thing had reached its absolute, go-no-further limit...but then again, that's what we thought back when we first saw the legging-boot.

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