Cattoos Are The New Barbed-Wire Armbands

Unlike your parents, tattoo artist Betty Rose doesn't think your ink needs to be "meaningful." As creations of art, all that really matters in a tat is that you enjoy looking at it. This philosophy, combined with a global increase of cat admiration (thanks, Internet!), has created a new market for cat tats — or, cattoos. Yes, this is all happening in Williamsburg.
The Sidekick Series profiles Rose and her cat-ink business, which she operates out of Eight of Swords Tattoo on Grand Street. As she discusses, cat lady status has kind of gone from zero to hero over the past few years. While the label previously suggested a permanently single woman who owned 14 felines (give or take), it's now a point of pride. And, it's not so odd for roommates or even (gasp!) men to own a tom or two. Check out the full interview with Rose and see some of these notorious cattoos — so you can say you knew about them before they were mainstream. (Jezebel)