This Underwear Can Help You Avoid Awkward Accidents

We're well aware of things that go bump in the night. But, we prefer for those things to not be our toes on the bed frame or our head crashing into someone else's. After all, seducing your boo is much sexier when you, well, avoid accidental injuries. There's a new solution heading straight for your underwear drawer.
Cosabella has debuted a line of glow-in-the-dark intimates that create your own personal rave within your bedroom. Dream come true, right? Made of the brand's signature, super-lacy fabrics, the pieces come priced between $47.50 and $105 and will glow brightly once the lights go down. The only catch: the Cosabella site says that the separates will only shine after being charged by ultraviolet, fluorescent, or natural light. In other words, you'll have to fuel up before getting frisky. (HuffPo)

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