Jimmy Fallon Makes Novel, Hilarious Hillary Clinton Pantsuit Joke

You know, there was a time when we would have said Louis C.K. was the funniest guy on Earth, with the freshest comedic stylings. Today, though, we have been proven dead wrong by Jimmy Fallon's completely hot-off-the-press joke about Hillary Clinton. Get this, guys: Hillary Clinton is a chick, and she totally wears pants, and wants to do man things, and it's so funny. It's hilarious! She's manly and weird and it scares us! Get back in the kitchen, Hillary!
Seriously, though. This is so 2008. It's not even worth having a total meltdown over, but it is worthy of an epic Liz Lemon eye roll. The conversation around Hillary Clinton, who is maybe-kinda-sorta running for president in 2016, has always been tainted by the same, tired conversation that tends to pivot back and forth between questioning her femininity and saying she's too feminine to handle politics. Of course, there are plenty of legitimate discussions to be had about whether Clinton would be a good president, and we're not even saying the answer to that question is a definitive yes. But, at this point, it's neither funny nor interesting to make these lame jokes over and over again. Next, please.
And, speaking of next, Jon Stewart addressed the media's sexist approach toward Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy announcement in a very on-point way. Ms. Clinton has somehow found a way to manage about a zillion other things in her life both in and out of office, so it's hard to imagine a scenario in which she suddenly finds herself overwhelmed by a grandchild. We have a feeling she'll manage just fine.
Stewart 1, Fallon 0.