Leighton Meester Has A Music Career We Forgot About, But Love

Once upon a time, Leighton Meester was the epitome of New York's well-heeled Upper East Side prep-schoolers. Well, at least she played one on TV. For years, we watched her rule the town as Blair Waldorf. And, even though Gossip Girl has ended, we're still obsessed with following the actress as she grows as a star. Right now, Meester is starring on Broadway in Of Mice And Men with James Franco. And, her résumé doesn't end there. She's also quite the musician. Today, to celebrate her 28th birthday, we thought we'd pay tribute to Meester's (kind of secret) singing career. Ahead, six of her greatest hits.
Happy Birthday, Leighton! Please give us your moisturizing/anti-aging secrets.

"Somebody To Love" featuring Robin Thicke
"Is there somebody who still believes in love?" We still believe in loving you, Meester. We also cannot believe you were in the back of a car with anyone other than Chuck.

"Good Girls Go Bad" with Cobra Starship
What's more surprising about this video: The fact that it takes place in a deli that's also a club, or that Meester's texting under the moniker "Good Girl?" Because every time we see it, we read Gossip Girl.

"Words I Couldn't Say" from Country Strong
In which Meester shows off her acting and singing chops.

"Your Love's A Drug"
There's no official video for this song, but we chose the one that may as well be the official version. Chuck and Blair forever.

"She Said" with Stephen Jerzak
That time she did dubstep.

"Dreams" Fleetwood Mac cover with Dana Williams
By far our favorite song performed by Meester is this beautiful cover of a Fleetwood Mac classic. And, we think it's the best way to really enjoy that sweet voice of hers.