Michelle Williams' Broadway Debut Blows Us Away

Is there anything Michelle Williams can't do? The actress first captured our hearts — and Dawson's — as Jen Lindley from Capeside. She rocked a wand and tiara as Glinda the Good and did a stellar job embodying the most famous sex symbol of our time — by no means an easy feat. With her ability to transform and challenge herself with each performance, it's no surprise that she's now tackling the iconic role of Sally Bowles — the effervescent heroine of musical classic Cabaret.
In a profile in Vogue's April issue, Williams opened up about preparing for her big Broadway debut. She trained for four months with dancing and singing coaches and traveled to Berlin to get a feel for the city's rambunctious and sexually liberated atmosphere in the late '20s. The production will be set at Studio 54 — a perfect location for the musical's decadent yet glamorous Kit Kat Klub.
Williams has already proven her acting ability in a handful of Oscar-nominated roles, so we have no doubt her turn as the British songbird will be a big success — and do Liza Minnelli, who immortalized the role, proud. Head over to Vogue to read more about the star's method of honing in her inner showgirl. We can't wait to mouth along "Maybe This Time" when the show officially opens on Broadway on April 24. (Vogue)

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