Sex Practices From Around The World That Will Make You Feel Boring

AdultParty (1)

Sometimes, sex can get a little weird — and that's totally okay. No matter how strange your adult sleepover may have been, there exists an entire set of cultural practices that are bound to put it all in perspective. Take, for example, the Guajiro people of Colombia. In a ceremonial dance, if a young lady trips a young man while dancing, they must have sex. Or, consider the Irish island community of
Inis Beag, where adults wear their underwear during sex. Makes the whole socks-on method seem a bit less lazy, no?

While those customs seem a bit odd, there's also a handful of downright amazing ones we wish happened in the U.S. In the Mehinaku village in Brazil, men compete for sex by giving women gifts of fish. Gifts. Of. Fish. And, even better, men belonging to Kreung tribe in Cambodia build love huts for a girl when she's in her mid-teens. She uses the hut to spend nights with different boys until she finds the right match for her. Yeah, we'd be pretty okay with love huts. (Nerve)