Joan Rivers Says Lena Dunham Should Try To Look Better

SplicedEmbed2Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages; Matt Baron/BEImages.
Joan Rivers isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. Sometimes, her commentary is so sensational it makes us wonder if she really means what she's saying or if she's simply being controversial. And, her recent interview with Howard Stern is a perfect example. Rivers brought up Lena Dunham during her conversation with Stern, making sure to note that she thinks the actress is "terrific." However, she immediately followed that statement with, "But, how could she wear dresses above the knee?"
We know Rivers criticizes celebrity fashion for a living. But, this time Rivers took it beyond a simple fashion faux pas: "You're sending a message out to people that says it's okay, stay fat." When Stern countered that Dunham's response would be that "she doesn't give a sh*t," Rivers argued that "every woman gives a sh*t."
Rivers' argument is that it's great to see Dunham succeed. But, her body and her nudity shouldn't be put up as comedic fodder. "I love that she's funny, love that she did well [...] but don't let them laugh at you physically." Stern noted that men have been doing this for years. Still, Rivers said, "If you look the way you look — and that's fine, and you're funny — don't say that other girls can look like that. Try to look better!"
So, which is it, Rivers? That Dunham didn't wear the right outfit or that her entire physique offends you? Or, maybe you're saying it's okay to be fat as long as you're funny — just make sure you dress appropriately? If you're going to launch a ludicrous campaign against Dunham, at least clarify your argument. (Fashionista)