How Much Are We All Drinking On First Dates?

Drinks11_GabrielaAlfordIllustrated by Gabriela Alford.
It's the freakin' weekend. And, maybe you're going on a first date, you saucy minx. If so, we're willing to bet this meeting will involve a drink or two. Naturally, this can be a cause for concern. You don't want to seem like you drink too much. But, you might be nervous about going out for the first time with zero liquid courage. Drinking can play a big part in dating culture, so but how much are we consuming when we're dating? The folks over at Plenty of Fish did a survey and got to the bottom of this whole thing.
Apparently, 36.4% of singles have had a drink even before going out at all, which is a lot of people trying to calm their nerves. And, 48.9% of singles will drink moderately — coming in at two or three drinks during the initial night out. Just 9.2% of folks won't have any alcohol on a first date, and instead brave the potential awkwardness without any chemical alterations.

Even more interesting are the stats examining what your potential lover thinks about your drink order. According to the survey, 26.6% of men think that the most attractive drink for their date to order is red wine, while
23.3% of women think that the most attractive drink for their date to order is a pint of craft beer.

What if the night's going really well, and you decide to make it last a few more hours than intended? The survey found 19.1% of single men have actually gotten drunk on a first date — and so have 16.8% of women. It's not always a good look, but, hey, it happens.
Whether or not you can relate to the survey's findings, the real truth is that you just need to be yourself during these outings. And, if you're the kinda gal who has a beer with dinner, then shine on, friend.