These 3 Questions Will Predict If Your Relationship Will Last

GoodRelationship_1_AmmielMendozaIllustrated by Ammiel Mendoza.
There's a certain brand of conversation you encounter on a first date. You ask each other things like, "Where did you grow up?" "Do you have any siblings?" And, "Did you read this month's Susan Miller horoscope?" Okay, maybe not that last one. But, according to a group of Harvard mathematicians, you shouldn't really be asking any of the above, because ultimately they don't matter. Rather, there are only three questions that will tell you if the person in question is really a good match for you.
And, the questions are kind of surprising: "Do you like horror movies?" "Have you ever traveled around another country alone?" And, "Wouldn't it be fun to chuck it all and go live on a sailboat?" Apparently, if you can find someone who answers all three of these the same way you do, it's a match. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these questions come from the minds of the creators of OKCupid. They call it a compatibility algorithm — one that can determine if a couple has real potential. They deemed these three the most important of all the questions you answer on the survey. And, if you've been on OKC, you know that they can sometimes be very strange.
We're not sure we totally believe that sharing the same answers to three seemingly silly questions will really determine if you've found your soul mate. But, you bet we're trying it out on our next date. If nothing else, you can laugh it off and lighten the mood. (Telegraph)