Steve Buscemi & Bill De Blasio Work Out Together (Kind Of)

We're not sure why, but as New Yorkers, we kind of expect our mayor to have a sense of humor. And, when it comes to comedy, Bill de Blasio has rather large shoes to fill. Remember when Bloomberg went on Jimmy Fallon to write thank you notes? Epic. Now, in preparation for the annual Inner Circle variety show (NYC's version of the White House Correspondents' Dinner), de Blasio has released a trailer of his upcoming performance. Oh, and he's tapped Steve Buscemi to train him.
De Blasio offers a new brand of humor to the mayor's office — and we think your dad would probably approve. We especially enjoy his impersonation of a monkey, which is the same as his impersonation of a lion. Also, he addresses that whole eating-pizza-with-a-fork thing. Between this video and his refusal to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade, we're kind of in love with de Blasio this week. (NY Mag)