Conway’s Performance Is A “Killer” — Cheetah Suit & All!

"When you're an opener, you already know that mostly everyone is all there to see somebody else," bursting-on-the-scene singer Conway says over the phone on a deceivingly bright but cold New York City afternoon. She's just come off a successful first night opening for Ellie Goulding and is gearing up for her second show at Madison Square Garden in a few hours. "They're just kind of holding their place in front. So, honestly, the people who are right up front, can be the hardest to win over because they're the die-hard fan of somebody else. They are the ones who have battled their way up there. So, your job is to convert them." And, convert them Conway did.
We got to experience the world of Conway first-hand, and can proudly say it doesn't take much for her to win over fans. Her stage act combines the D.I.Y. aesthetic of old-school Laurie Anderson with the quirk of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O. Listening to her is one thing — infectious and liberating. But, watching her and immersing yourself in the world she describes as a "magical, mysterious adventure" is a whole new ride. Which is why we're so excited to premiere her live performance of "Killer" at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.
"This was incredible," Conway told us. "Again, magic. History! I want to be an animal, so I dressed up like a cheetah. I had this cheap cheetah onesie on with a mask. I thought that it was incredible, like, in my dream world, this would be the look. No glass in between. I would just be in the middle of the animals." She kicked off the live set with "Killer," from her Big Talk EP, a song she describes as one of her favorites. "I wanted to do something special around it," she explained. So, performing among the museum's wild scenery seemed appropriate. Check out the performance below and experience the world of Conway for yourself. It's way more fun than your typical trip to a museum.