Sex Box Is A New TV Show About Having Sex In Boxes

Most TV-show titles give you a vague idea of what you can expect from the plot — Revenge, Scandal, etc. But, a new show coming to the U.S. is all but beating us over the head with its name. Sex Box is quite literally about couples having sex in a box.
Basically, a couple goes into a huge (covered, soundproof) box on stage. Once the deed is done, they come out and answer questions about the experience. A panel of sex experts (sexperts?) asks them about the emotional, physical, and mental aspects of that particular experience. The idea is to have an honest conversation about what sex is really like, and what it means to different people.
We should mention that Sex Box is a bit too similar to a semi-recent endeavor from Vice, aptly titled People Who Just Had Sex. We like that these shows disrupt the romanticized version of sex we often see in films. Sometimes, sex is between two people who aren't movie stars. And, sometimes it happens in a box.
You can watch a full episode of the show on YouTube. In the meantime, try to hold off on those Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake references. We know it's tempting. (Time)