Westminster Dog Show Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

When we say, "Everyone's a winner at the Westminster Dog Show," we really, really mean it. Mostly, though we mean we were winners at the Westminster Dog Show. 'Cuz, in our book, any day you get to spend cuddling up to cute pups (and, dare we say, cute owners) is a day well spent. Just being there was an absolute privilege — both for us and the pedigreed pooches.
So, we lived it up, and got the inside scoop on what it takes to really be Best in Show. There's the grooming, the pep talks, the strut, and the glamour. And, there's also the stress, the suspense, the conspiracy theories, and, of course, the chew toys. Our behind-the-scenes look has all the makings of a modern-day fairy tail. Underdogs included. What? Did you honestly think we could resist?
Edited by Christopher Michael Beer. Shot by Jack Pearce and Kenny Wu.