So, This Is How Jennifer Lawrence Got Her Oscar

rexusa_1255642fePhoto: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
How did Jennifer Lawrence score Oscar gold last year? How did 12 Years a Slave snag a Best Picture nomination this year? We're glad you asked. Crushable broke down the entire Oscar voting process for us, detailing everything from exactly who votes to which movies are eligible.
So, first of all, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is responsible for selecting all of the nominees and winners each year. It's comprised of several different branches, including actors, directors, producers, and so forth. To become a member, you must either receive an Oscar nomination yourself, or have your name submitted by an existing member. Oh, and most members have a few things in common. According to the Los Angeles Times, 94% of them are Caucasian, 77% are male, and more than half are over the age of 60 — a bias that leaves room for more than a little improvement.
As for the nominated movies, only flicks that opened in L.A. the previous calendar year are eligible. Curious to find out more about the process? Head over to Crushable to learn about how ballots are cast, and other cool info about the big night. The more you know!