The Science Of Happy Couples, Explained

There are a lot of studies out there about what you need to have a successful relationship. And, when you look at all of them combined, this research transforms into a scientific definition of the perfect couple. Basically, you need to be a first born/last born, feminist couple who has strong communication skills and lots of sex. Or, something like that.
Sure, that's an interesting hodgepodge of information, but we've got our eyes on another set of numbers. The folks over at Happify have released their own data. And, the stats are in our favorite form: the infograph. Happify focused on things like how you respond to triumphs, how often you share laughter, and how often you have sex (it's important, people). So, what does the happiest couple look like? Check out the graphic on the next page.
infographic_lovePhoto: Courtesy of Happify.