Guess Who’s Coming To Fashion Week?

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Traci French.
It's just about that time of year. No, we're not talking the time when it snows incessantly, and it's freezing, and it hurts to be outside — though, coincidentally, that happens to be the very same time that New York Fashion Week takes place. Gaggles of long-legged models and equally gorgeous editors roam the streets in amazing outfits that, despite being packed in suitcases and transported from cities around the world, still manage to look perfect.
Joining the band of beautiful people this year is the one and only Mrs. French. The blogger and Pinterest star extraordinaire is joining R29 staffers as we attend a choice selection of shows!
To get you familiar with our new friend, we might suggest checking out her aptly named Blissful Blog. It contains a little bit of just about everything that makes us smile: gorgeous photography, outfit inspiration, and muffins, to name just a few. Or, if you're in more of a casual browsing mood, follow her on Pinterest for some major eye candy. She's got an impeccable knack for pinning the trendy, wearable pieces we adore on her Lovely Things To Wear board, a great selection of men's style snaps, and this interior-design board that will make you seriously consider taking a nap at your desk (it's a good thing).
All told, we can't wait to get Mrs. French in our HQ to talk all things NYFW — and, for those of you following online, she'll be pinning inspiration and photos from the shows right here. See you in the front row!
Follow our shared board with Mrs. French to keep up with all our fashion-week antics!