Sports Bras: No Matter Your Size, You're Doing It Wrong

sports-braPhoto: Courtesy of Freshpair.
When it comes to sports bras, our concerns are usually quite simple: support — and lots of it. Because, when you're using these activewear garments for actual athletics and no-nonsense workouts, there's really nothing more important. Sadly, however, we're doing it wrong, and Bobbie Smith of Freshpair can tell us exactly how.
As HuffPo Style reports today, the bra expert has some serious concerns about the kind of underthings we choose when we hit the gym, the most startling of which being the "uniboob." And, yes, the term means exactly what you think it does — it's what happens when you wear a tight compression bra that results in a squished-together chest. As Smith points out, this occurrence doesn't provide major support for the Cooper's ligaments, which is the tissue responsible for keeping your cleavage from, well, heading south.
And, in case you thought your small chest size has you exempt from these concerns, think again. As it turns out, the expert says that A cups and G cups alike should be searching for a bra that has cups, a clasp, and is selected according to your precise bra size. It seems like shopping for sports bras just got a bit more complicated, but, luckily, the tips ahead do help us get the job done correctly. Hopefully, once and for all. (The Huffington Post)

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