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Beyoncé Assumes New Role As Queen Of The Throwback Thursday

There's really no excuse for not knowing what day it is now that Instagram exists. With all the random hashtags floating around, Tuesdays will forever be topless, and Thursday will be the throwback. While the majority of us typically dig through ancient Facebook pictures for #tbt inspiration, Beyoncé digs through glossies. Oh, and she pores over old, high-end photo-shoot pics. The results are, as one would expect, (***) flawless — if not overwhelming.
Bey took the #tbt and one-upped us all by going, as the kids say, HAM with the throwback goodies. Most Instagram users casually drop one, maybe two nostalgic pics for their following to validate; Beyoncé posts 15. Excessive? Certainly, but best be beylieving they'll bring on the feels. Bey's ultimate throwback Thursday trip turned back time to her Sports Illustrated days, 4, and her "Cater 2 U" performance. She ended it all by remembering the late Aaliyah.
We might've forgotten some of these goodies existed, but Bey certainly hasn't. Oh, and though Beyoncé went #tbt crazy, doesn't mean we all can next week— unless, of course, you are actually Beyoncé.