The Cozy-Chic Guide To Packing For Sundance

Sundance is like the MTA of film festivals. In other words, it is the great equalizer. It's the festival where, no matter who you are or who is holding your personal umbrella, you are subjected to the same headaches as everyone else. The weather is cold, the shoes are clunky, and all accommodations, be it four stars or Airbnb, has that same musty ski-lodge smell. Putting your best glam forward is kind of not an option.
But, that doesn't mean that all hope is lost. In fact, it is in the trickiest settings that true style shines, and a nice wintry mix gives us a chance to show off our layering expertise. So, pack light — or as light as chunky sweaters will get you — and pack smart, with this quick and easy Sundance checklist. (Now that you've breezed through packing prep, you can focus on the important stuff: All those studio offers your genius indie movie will be receiving.)

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