The Met To Rename Costume Center For Anna Wintour

rexusa_1290864sqPhoto: Matt Baron/BEImages.
In news that's one-part understandable, two-parts surprising, the Metropolitan Museum Of Art's Costume Institute will now be known as the "Anna Wintour Costume Center." And it makes sense. We guess that's what happens when you lead 15 successful gala events. Or, really, what happens when you help raise $125 million for the cause. Both of which, Anna has done, with ease. She's been a trustee since 1999 and has made her well-attended gala one of the most-watched fashion events of the year (Kimye's floral glove/dress, anyone?). Moreover, she's also helped raise $40 million for the renovation of said center itself, which is set to re-open, come spring. Look forward to that space, which boasts a conservation lab and a 4,200-square-foot gallery — and to the Charles James show, when it opens May 8. It may be Anna's world — and we may just be living in it —but we bet it will be really, really pretty. As always, sound off in the comments below. (New York Times)