Amy Adams Is Really Good At Karaoke, Obviously

rexusa_1833650ak1Photo: Stewart Cook/REX USA.
We wonder how many people woke up last Saturday morning and told whoever was lying next to them, "I had the wildest dream! Amy Adams was hanging out at a karaoke bar, got up on stage, and absolutely crushed the song 'Defying Gravity'!" To which your partner will reply, "Sure she did, honey. Now go back to sleep."
Later that morning, when you're both at the breakfast table and scrolling through your respective RSS feeds (because that's what people do during breakfast), you'll stumble upon the TMZ story confirming that on the Friday prior to the Golden Globes, Adams, in fact, showed up at a gay karaoke bar in L.A. and absolutely crushed the song "Defying Gravity" from the Broadway musical Wicked. You'll look at each other in utter disbelief, and as your epic hangover reveals itself, you'll realize that it wasn't a dream. No, you were actually there, hooting and hollering with the rest of the audience. (Then you'll resolve to never, ever drink a vodka martini again.)
Luckily, TMZ has the video, so you can relive the best night you never had over, and over again. Check it out below. (TMZ)

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