Usually, when we go into a lingerie store, we turn around and walk right out. It's so overwhelming. We don't know if we need a plunge or a push. And, our bodies don't exactly look like the fit models. Recently, though, we had an eye-opening experience that every woman hopes for. We went in for a bralette, and walked out with a new vision of our bodies (read: our boobs).
It was during that ah-ha moment when sales ladies with the measuring tape corrected our purchases and redefined our size that we began to see the truth: We had been doing it ALL wrong. Our ribs were smaller than we thought, our cups were bigger than we gave them credit for, and, as a result, our confidence was, well, enhanced. And, we knew immediately that we needed to pass along this new found body-image and bust knowledge to you dear reader.
We are proud to present the boob bra bible you've been waiting for, chock full of tips and buys to create the bra wardrobe of your dreams. Experts Helen Mears (of Adore Me) and Nicole Willis (of Intimacy) share all of their brilliant underthings know-how. Your cup's about to runneth over — but, we promise it won't result in spillage.