Topical Vitamin C: The Cure For Blah Winter Skin

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We're being extra diligent about consuming vitamin C these days, as our colleagues and roommates cough and sneeze all around us. But, even though we're pros at stuffing our faces with oranges and Airborne, there's one use for this power vitamin that we hadn't thought of. Turns out, applied topically, good old C is something of a skin-care miracle.
According to James Vincent, applying vitamin C before your moisturizer can add the glow back to your skin. "As the outermost barrier of the body, skin is continuously exposed to oxidative stress, UV radiation, and environmental toxins such as smoke, air pollution, and other people's germs," he says. So, it makes sense that our skin could use the same help our insides need, by fighting the oxidation that causes wrinkles. And, he adds, "I use Vitivia Pro: Vitamin C 10 each morning under moisturizer to prepare myself for the day ahead and protect my precious skin. Keeping a youthful look about me that hides the fact that I love whiskey and beer."
What makes Vitivia's Pro: Vitamin C 10 so fabulous? First of all, it comes in capsules, so you know exactly how much to use per application. It also contains ascorbic acid, which brightens the skin and helps boost collagen production. So, whether you want to disguise your vices, preserve your youth, or simply heal your skin from the world, it seems that vitamin C deserves a permanent spot in everyone's skin care routine.
Vitivia Pro: Vitamin C 10, $55, available at Vitivia.

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